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Monthly Archives: September 2020

    Your Fall Maintenance Checklist

    By Alex Bean | September 30, 2020

      As the summer draws to a close and the first chilly winds of autumn blow through, it’s time to think through the way you’ll clean up, fix up, and maintain your home for fall. By keeping up with your home’s maintenance, you can ensure both a cozier winter and long-term protection for your investment.... Read More

    A Fall Financial Checklist

    By Alex Bean | September 28, 2020

    For many, autumn is the best time of year. The return of cool breezes, comforting foods, and pumpkins can be invigorating. It’s also a bookmark of sorts, especially for your finances—a perfect time to take stock of your spending after the summer’s over to see what lies ahead. These tips can help you make simple,... Read More

    Get Ready for the Hot Fall Market

    By Alex Bean | September 25, 2020

      Traditionally, the spring market is prime time for real estate agents and brokers, with homeowners in many markets aiming to roll out their listings in time to greet throngs of eager buyers. However, COVID-19 shutdowns in mid-March put a crimp in a lot of plans, causing many sellers to cancel their listings in favor... Read More

    Ask Your Agent: Questions for the Finance Process

    By Alex Bean | September 11, 2020

      While real estate agents have a great deal of practical experience to offer in the finance realm, they are not mortgage lenders. That means that they are unable to give you advice about which mortgage to choose or how you should finance your home purchase. However, real estate agents are great connectors and they... Read More

    The Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

    By Alex Bean | September 9, 2020

      Bask in some vitamin D—and get a workout in, too! Here are some advantages of going outside for exercise. IT’S CHALLENGING: Let’s face it, you don’t work out expecting it to be easy, you want a challenge—that’s where the results come in! Being outside in a changing environment with hills and other difficult terrain makes it... Read More

    Best Home Upgrades for Under $500

    By Alex Bean | September 7, 2020

      According to the latest statistics, right now is a great time to put your home on the market. In many areas, homeowners are fielding multiple offers within hours or days of going live on the MLS. How can you ensure that your home will be greeted warmly by buyers in your area? Often, it... Read More

    Patriotic Pretzels

    By Shannon Grimm | September 7, 2020

    These candy-dipped pretzel sticks couldn’t be easier to make and are the perfect snack kids, and adults, will love to munch on at any festive summer party! Ingredients Red, white, and blue candy melts Pretzel rods White sprinkles Instructions: Melt the candy melts in the microwave according to package directions, all in separate bowls. Dip... Read More

    Thinking About Selling? Why Now Is the Right Time.

    By Alex Bean | September 4, 2020

      If you were considering putting your home up for sale in time for the 2020 spring market you could be forgiven for deciding that this was just not your year. For sellers in markets across the country, the ensuing shutdowns put a damper on their plans, causing them to delay listing their homes for... Read More

    How to Revamp Your Living Room on a Budget

    By Alex Bean | September 2, 2020

      You probably spend more time in your living room than most rooms in your home on a daily basis—especially now—so why not give this space some extra attention and revamp it? Here are simple ways to do it on a budget. Rearrange furniture Something that requires no spending at all is simply rearranging the... Read More