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Monthly Archives: June 2021

    Ten Ways to Keep Cool Without Air-Conditioning

    By Alex Bean | June 30, 2021

    Air-conditioning is one of the luxuries some homeowners can’t live without. While the temperatures rise outside, you stay cool, calm, and collected inside your home. But sometimes air-conditioning isn’t always an option. Whether you are trying to save money, you don’t own an air conditioner, or it isn’t quite warm enough to turn on the... Read More

    Here’s Why Your Credit Score Matters and How to Improve It

    By Alex Bean | June 28, 2021

    Credit can be a scary subject to approach, whether or not you want to jump into it isn’t an option in most cases; credit determines a lot, but it can also be a great financial tool when used properly. When your credit score is good, your rates, loans, and other financial endeavors will be good,... Read More

    Proper Etiquette When Going to an Open House

    By Alex Bean | June 18, 2021

    SHAREFacebookTwitterLinkedInMore Open houses are a great way to find your next home. They allow you to leisurely look at a home and ask the selling agent questions. There may even be snacks! But open houses are not free-for-alls. You are a guest entering a seller’s house and should respect their home and belongings. You also... Read More

    The Pros and Cons of Buying Abandoned Property

    By Alex Bean | June 16, 2021

    Many people enter the housing market looking for a fixer-upper. Whether it is because they want to turn it into their dream home or give a property some TLC to make it an investment opportunity, there are plenty of buyers willing to take on the challenge. For some motivated buyers, the ultimate fixer-upper is an... Read More

    Don’t Overlook These Hidden Costs of Moving

    By Alex Bean | June 14, 2021

    Moving can be expensive. Whether you are moving to the other side of town or the other side of the country, you’ll want to budget for expenses, such as hiring movers, renting a truck, and paying for gas so costs don’t break the bank. However, even if you have budgeted for your move, there can... Read More

    S’mores and More: America’s Best Campsites

    By Alex Bean | June 11, 2021

    SHAREFacebookTwitterLinkedInMore Looking for a spot for your next vacation? The next time you have a long weekend and are looking for an outdoor getaway, check out one of these beautiful campgrounds across the US. Alabama- Outpost at Gulf State Park At the Outpost Campsites at Gulf State Park in Alabama, you can stay in a tent... Read More

    A Refresh For Your Finances

    By Alex Bean | June 9, 2021

    When spring rolls around, your thoughts might turn to organizing your closets or giving your floors a good deep clean. But how much thought have you given to cleaning up your finances? If the answer is “not much,” you might want to reconsider. Spring is a great in-between time of year to take stock of... Read More

    Should It Stay or Should It Go?

    By Alex Bean | June 3, 2021

    Whether you’re selling your home or just tackling some serious spring cleaning, decluttering can be both effective and rewarding. If items you don’t need are taking up precious real estate, it’s time to reevaluate what you’re keeping and why. Use this guide to help you make the decision. Grab three boxes and label them “Throw... Read More

    8 Tricks to Add Privacy to Your Backyard

    By Alex Bean | June 1, 2021

    Your backyard can be an escape from the world. Whether you have a pool, patio, or garden, your backyard offers a level of tranquility you can’t find anywhere else. However, your peaceful escape can be disrupted by a busy road or nosey neighbor. That makes adding a level of privacy so important. Adding one of... Read More