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Monthly Archives: August 2021

    Will Housing Inventory Increase in 2021?

    By Admin | August 30, 2021

    If you’ve been following the real estate market, you probably know that it has been many months since buyers and sellers enjoyed anything like business as usual. Record-low interest rates and pandemic-driven demand has led to record-low inventory in markets both large and small. Now, however, we may be able to envision a return to... Read More

    Maple Garlic Roast Turkey

    By Admin | August 27, 2021

    In this fall-inspired main dish, turkey is brushed and basted with a maple-garlic butter throughout the roasting process, creating both sweet and savory flavors that harmonize into the perfect bite. Serves 6–8 Ingredients: For the maple-garlic butter 1 cup maple syrup 1 stick butter, softened 8 garlic cloves, peeled and minced ½ cup parsley, chopped... Read More

    6 Fantastic Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day

    By Alex Bean | August 25, 2021

    6 Fantastic Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day SHAREFacebookTwitterLinkedInMore Dogs rightfully deserve the title of man’s best friend. Through good times and bad, your dog is by your side with a tail wag and a loving look in its eyes. So, make sure to celebrate your loyal friend on National Dog Day this year. If... Read More

    Sisters Of The Sea

    By Alex Bean | August 23, 2021

    Sisters Of The Sea SHAREFacebookTwitterLinkedInMore The waters off the coast of Alaska’s Aleutian Islands are some of the roughest on Earth, and making a living in this part of the world is not easy. It takes a certain kind of person—unwaveringly bold but firmly grounded—to find success. Like the salmon they built their livelihood on,... Read More

    Looking for New Construction? Here’s What to Keep in Mind

    By Alex Bean | August 20, 2021

    Looking for a Place To Call Home? Consider a Condominium. It’s no secret that one of the top stories in today’s real estate market is low housing supply and high buyer demand. If you’re a first-time buyer looking for a starter home or are someone who’s interested in downsizing, it may be worth considering a condominium (condo)... Read More

    By Alex Bean | August 17, 2021

    DIY Window Box Ideas to Increase Curb Appeal SHAREFacebookTwitterLinkedInMore Dressing up your outdoor windows with flora is probably the last landscaping idea that comes to mind. However, window boxes enable you to add your own personal flair to the outside of your home while also increasing its curb appeal. These three creative window boxes ideas... Read More

    Japanese Potato Salad

    By Alex Bean | August 12, 2021

    Japanese Potato Salad An izakaya serves delicious food at a reasonable price—potato salad is one typical izakaya dish. Japanese potato salad includes cucumbers for crunch. You can use either fluffy russet potatoes or the sweet, crisp Yukon gold variety. For a bountiful starter, serve this on a platter with sliced ham, hard-boiled eggs, canned baby... Read More

    Shift in the Market

    By Shannon Grimm | August 10, 2021

    Surprising Shift Favors Homeowners: Buyers Now Prefer Existing Homes In April, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) posted an article, Home Buyers’ Preferences Shift Towards New Construction, which reported: “60% of people who were looking to buy a home in 2020 said they’d prefer new construction to an existing home.” However, it seems buyers are now shifting their... Read More

    By Shannon Grimm | August 8, 2021

    gdf Read More