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Monthly Archives: August 2022

    A Fancy Fall Toast Feast

    By Shannon Grimm | August 31, 2022

    A Fancy Fall Toast Feast SHAREFacebookTwitterLinkedInMore Toast has been a trending food topic for some time now, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Recipes with toast are easy, quick, and always delicious—making these three possibilities ones to try! Almond Butter Toast with Pears and Honey Between the protein-packed almond butter and... Read More

    Homemade Hanging House Planter

    By Shannon Grimm | August 31, 2022

    Homemade Hanging House Planter SHAREFacebookTwitterLinkedInMore If you dream of taking care of your own garden but are hesitant because of a lack of space, there might be a solution for you. Vertical gardening is a popular new trend that can help you fill your home with gorgeous plants all while maintaining valuable space. Materials 3... Read More

    A Vintage Wonderland

    By Alex Bean | August 29, 2022

    A Vintage Wonderland SHAREFacebookTwitterLinkedInMore Interview with: Katie ZamprioliPhotography by: Katie Zamprioli Katie Zamprioli dazzles the social media world with her knack for thrifting vintage items and injecting color and pattern into interiors and clothing. Where did you grow up? How did it contribute to who you are today?I grew up in Salisbury, a small town... Read More

    Baked Peanut Butter and Jam Oat Bars

    By Alex Bean | August 26, 2022

    Baked Peanut Butter and Jam Oat Bars SHAREFacebookTwitterLinkedInMore I don’t want to knock oatmeal—it’s filling and healthy—but I’m not the biggest fan of mushy porridge for breakfast. I make it ’cause it’s quick, but with a little planning you can bake that oatmeal with peanut butter into a bar dolloped with your fave jam …... Read More

    2022 Mid-Year Examination of the Housing Market

    By Shannon Grimm | August 15, 2022

    2022 Mid-Year Examination of the Housing Market SHAREFacebookTwitterLinkedInMore This year has turned out to be an interesting time for the housing market. From an increase in housing prices to a decrease in days on the market, the market has been tricky to predict, leaving many to question their path into homeownership. The National Association of... Read More

    Home Selling Tips for Pet Owners

    By Shannon Grimm | August 10, 2022

    There’s no doubt pets play an important role in our homes. They wait for us to come home after a long day, they protect our property, and they are there to comfort us when things go wrong. Use these tips to ensure that you can enjoy your pet and sell your home at the same time! Read More