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A Monster Bash

No Halloween party is complete without some scary good fun by way of clever games—and these fun ideas are sure to make your get together a howling good time!

Freaky Feel Box
This classic game of the senses requires guests to stick their hands in various boxes of everyday items that actually feel like terrifying Halloween creatures, creepy crawling bugs, and more! Whoever makes the most correct guesses, wins.

Try these items in your feel box:

  • Bat ears: dried apricots
  • Worms: cooked spaghetti
  • Teeth: uncooked corn
  • Fingers: carrot sticks
  • Eyeballs: grapes
  • Hearts: peeled tomatoes

Pumpkin Patch Ring Toss
You likely already have a handful of pumpkins around, now turn them into an exciting game of ring toss! Simply gather a number of large pumpkins with the stems (we recommend at least 3).

Place the pumpkins in a formation (e.g. row of three, one row of two and a row of one, etc.). Connect two glow sticks to form a ring, and take turns trying to hook the rings onto the pumpkin stems. Whoever can land the most, wins!

Pop the Jack-O’-Lantern
For a game full of laughs, write out the lyrics to two popular Halloween songs on tiny slips of paper. Fill 6 orange balloons with the lyrics to one of the songs, and 6 more orange balloons with the lyrics to the other.

Break into two teams, and take turns popping the balloons without using your hands (be sure to keep the teams far enough apart to avoid mixing the balloons)! When the balloons are popped, gather all the slips of paper and put the lyrics in order. Whatever team gets their lyrics in the right order first, wins.

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