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    Game-Changing Appetizer Recipes

    Just admit it—sports wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable without the incredible spread of snack food found at any given viewing party.

    Snacks are so synonymous with the big game that the Snack Food Association reports that Americans typically double their average daily consumption of snacks, consuming more than 33 million pounds of food on this particular day.

    If you’re looking for an appetizer that will please the entire crowd, look no further!


    Meatball Biscuits

    Like pigs in a blanket, only better.READ ARTICLE

    Steak Pinwheels

    Simplify your sirloin with this rich appetizer.READ ARTICLE

    Chicken Pot Pie Casserole Bites

    Chicken Pot Pie Casserole Bites

    Get all the delicious flavor of a hearty pot pie in a bite-sized appetizer.READ ARTICLE

    Mac and Cheese Egg Rolls

    You might have tried fried mac and cheese, but never like this.READ ARTICLE


    Fried Mashed Potato Bites

    What’s the one thing better than mashed potatoes? Fried mashed potatoes.READ ARTICLE

    Avocado Wontons

    Creamy avocado inside a crunchy wonton is the appetizer you never new you needed.READ ARTICLE

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