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Most Fascinating Castles in North American You’ve Never Heard Of

Though many might consider the world’s most beautiful castles as something exclusive to Europe, the United States is actually home to some truly captivating castles. Though these castles may not have quite the same historical significance, each offers its own unique experience and makes for once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Boldt-Castle©Boldt Castle

Boldt Castle (Alexandria Bay, NY)
From 1900–1904, New York millionaire George C. Boldt and his family would spend the summer at this esteemed castle. When Boldt’s wife, Louise suddenly died in 1904 he decided it was best to leave the castle behind. Boldt Castle spent the next seventy-three years exposed to harsh weather conditions and was left open to vandals. But in 1977, a full restoration was funded to revitalize the castle and offer a full experience for tourists. Located on Heart Island in the St. Lawrence River, Boldt Castle rests just a few miles from the US-Canada border, making it a great landmark to see on a trip to our northern neighbor.Bishops-Palace©Illumine Photographic Services

Bishop’s Palace (Galveston, TX)
Built between 1887 and 1893, this Victorian castle covers over 19,000 square feet. Bishop’s Palace is best known, historically, for being just about all that was left standing in Galveston after ‘The Great Storm of 1900’, a hurricane that left the Texas town in shambles. Also known as Gresham House, the residence is marveled at for it’s marble columns, 14-foot ceilings, octagonal mahogany stairwell, and even displays a turret on the Southeast corner. Now backed as a National Historic Landmark, this castle has both designated private guided tours as well as personal tours available to all who visit.Castello-di-Amorosa©Castello di Amorosa

Castello di Amorosa (Napa Valley, CA)
Though this Castle began construction in 1994, make no mistake, it’s a completely authentic 13th century-style Tuscan Castle. In an effort to revitalize the family wine business, previously terminated by prohibition, Dario Sattui built a Castle using only the materials that were available 800 years ago, so not to undercut the historical accuracy of the Castle’s structure. Make the most of your visit to the Castello di Amorosa by concluding your tour with an elegant wine tasting.Castle-Farms©Castle Farms

Castle Farms (Charlevoix, MI)
In 1918, the acting president of Sears, Albert Loeb, built Castle Farms. Inspired by the stone barns and castles found in Normandy, France, this farm was once the largest employer in Charlevoix County. After falling under new ownership in 1969, the property became a concert venue and played host to high profile headliners such as Tina Turner, Aerosmith, and The Doobie Brothers. In 2001, Castle farms changed hands again and has been repurposed for weddings and tours, making it a great family destination.

These castles only begin to scratch the surface of what the US has to offer in terms of architectural achievement with fun activities to boot. Check out these other Castles scattered across the country.

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