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Move On It: Finding a Hot Neighborhood


Trying to get in on an up-and-coming neighborhood before it gets big? The signs are clear—all you have to do is keep your eyes open for some of these big changes.

Couple hugging outside of train

Catch a ride

Improvements in transportation—mostly in public transit—are a marker of an uptick in residents. As a neighborhood grows, so too does the need for increased mobility for its inhabitants.

Mother and daughter shopping in grocery store

Setting up shop

Large corporations won’t simply open a store just anywhere. Retail and wholesale giants like Walmart are a good indicator that there is about to be a population surge, or at least that a town is not going downhill anytime soon.

People in office working together

Back to work

People will always gravitate to where there are jobs. A healthy employment rate can also be a good sign that, even if the population isn’t booming yet, there should be plenty of people moving in soon.

Couple sitting in window of restaurant

An eclectic menu

A trendy restaurant has a knack for bringing in not only locals but also out-of-towners who will spread the word. Pretty soon, other hip businesses open up and, before you know it, the town is full of cultural attractions.

Stack of one dollar bills

The cost of being cool

Generally speaking, as a neighborhood becomes more in demand, the cost of living will increase. Rising rent, increasing home prices, and price hikes in surrounding stores are a gauge that an area is on the rise.

Couple talking with a real estate agent

In the know

Before doing the work yourself, talk to a local real estate agent who’s knowledgeable about the area. This can help you understand the rise and fall of the market as a whole, helping you move into your dream area before it gets too expensive.

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