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New Year’s Resolutions for Pet Parents

Who says your New Year’s resolutions have to be all about you? If you’re a pet parent, there’s a large chance that your beloved animal is an important member of your family.

Instead of just focusing on self-love, remember that your companion could benefit greatly from a little reflection on the past year and some positive changes in the year to come.

Hound dog sitting upright and begging for treats from woman in front of fireplace

Say no to that extra treat
Overweight pets are at a higher risk for a number of health issues, such as diabetes, joint and bone damage, heart disease, and decreased liver function. Instead of using food to motivate him, develop a new reward system for good behavior that involves offering a new bone or extra play time.

Dog wrapped in bath towel

Keep them looking spiffy
Matted fur can be uncomfortable and may even cause sores to develop on your pet’s skin. This year, resolve to take your pet to the groomer regularly. Depending upon the breed, certain pets should go every four weeks, while others can wait over a month. In addition to getting them groomed, make sure their nails are trimmed. If you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself, the groomer can clip their nails as they get a haircut.

Man sleeping on couch with dog laying in his arms

Spend more time together
In the business of everyday life, this can be difficult, but promising a little quality time with your pet can boost their health, as well as your own. In fact, studies show that a good relationship with your pet can improve both your emotional and psychological state of being.

Mother and daughter walking a golden retriever

Get your dog active 
It’s no shock that dogs need regular exercise. This year, promise to take your dog on regular walks, at least once a day. Activity levels vary depending on their breed and size. For instance, a larger breed, like a golden retriever, requires two hours of exercise a day. Regardless of the type, make sure that your pet has plenty of time to run around and play.

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