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Northeast Spring Gardening Tips

Spring gardening across the United States varies from region to region. However, gardening in the Northeast has numerous advantages—beautiful, contrasting four seasons and bursts of summertime flowers even on the warmest of days.

Red flower against blue sky

Use these tips to ensure that the required spring preparation is completed and that your garden is in tip-top shape this season.

Person gardening

Turn over winter cover crops in your garden beds, and add compost to establish the perfect foundation to sprout new life.

Person carrying basket of tomatoes and carrots

In the first few weeks of April, start planting seeds of warm-season veggies and plants, such as tomatoes and zinnias, inside. All seeds will be ready to transport outside by the end of May.

Snow on bush

Dress up outdoor pots with color, and plant flowers that love cool weather, such as violas, snapdragons, and pansies. TIP: Be cautious of frost-sensitive annuals.

Gardening tools

Tackle weeding while the weeds are still relatively small. Hand-dig offenders with either a hoe or a putty knife.

Drop of water on green leaf

Water all transported plants, and add a shovelful (or two) of compost.

Summer flowers

Toward the end of the season, be sure to divide summer and fall flowering perennials before the plants exceed six inches tall.

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