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Tablescapes to Fall in Love With

Holiday dinners are more than just a meal. They’re a celebration of family and friends. You break out the good china. You prepare the meal with care. And you’ll want to spruce up the table as well. Follow these simple, yet festive tips to create a tablescape that your guests will fall in love with.


Spiced Tealights
Candles create an intimate tone for a comfortable meal. Use ordinary items to add flavor to your most basic candles and holders.

To dress up a boring votive using fragrant cinnamon sticks, simply place a rubber band around a small candle holder. Slide cinnamon sticks under the rubber band until they completely surround the votive holder (attach with hot glue for a more permanent option). Tie a ribbon around the cinnamon sticks and then remove the rubber band.

Tip: Make your candle holders varied and you’ll make your table setting more stunning.


Season of Layers
Fall is a season of colors and textures, whether in a casserole or a centerpiece. Layers create visual interest and are easy to produce.

For a statement centerpiece, use a clear vase to hold your decorative items. If you decide to use a large or wide vase, adding a candle to the center can help fill the space so you don’t need to use as much filler. Open your cabinet (or craft supplies), and choose three to four different items of varying color and texture. Add each item to the vase in an even layer. Stick with one thick layer for each item, or alternate the items to create a stripe effect.

Tip: Dress up a clear vase with your favorite fall colors using nonperishable items from your pantry.


Painted Pumpkins
Nothing says “fall has arrived more” than pumpkins. Choose a few mini pumpkins to make your table feel more festive in just a few minutes.

For a fun twist, choose pumpkins that are smooth and symmetrical, and add a little flair with paint. Give the gourd a wash before applying paint to it, and plan a design that captures your style. Acrylic paints work best as they dry quickly. Paint over newspaper or other material that can be thrown away for easy cleanup.

Tip: For a modern look, try simple stripes; for a more traditional look, paint a leaf or acorn onto your pumpkin.


Wrap with Twine
If you need an impressive tablescape in a hurry, this trick will not let you down. Wrap household items in twine for an eclectic yet classy result.

Begin wrapping your vessel from the bottom up. Dab a bit of hot glue directly onto the bottle to secure the twine. Allow the glue to dry before setting out. The height will create a visual hierarchy, which will add interest and depth to your tablescape. To create varying heights, use a tree stump from your backyard (or local craft store) to highlight your centerpiece or use it to feature your favorite dish.

Tip: Use the festive vessels with candles to add a more intimate feel, or lighten things up by using flowers in your vases.

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